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The following HTML <h1><h6> elements represent six levels of section headings. <h1> is the highest section level while <h6> is the lowest.







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The blockquote element represents content that is quoted from another source, optionally with a citation which must be within a footer or cite element, and optionally with in-line changes such as annotations and abbreviations.

Blockquote without attribution

Tiam, ad mint andaepu dandae nostion secatur sequo quae.
Note that you can use Markdown syntax within a blockquote.

Blockquote with attribution

Don’t communicate by sharing memory, share memory by communicating.
Rob Pike1



Code Blocks

import fs = require('fs')

class MyClass {
  public static myValue: string
  constructor(init: string) {
    this.myValue = init
namespace MyModule {
  export interface MyInterface extends Other {
    myProperty: any

declare const magicNumber: number
myArray.forEach(() => { }) // fat arrow syntax




flowchart TD A[/Christmas\] A -->|Get money| B[\Go shopping/] B --> C{Let me thinksssss
sssssssssssssssssssssssssss} C -->|One| D[/Laptop/] C -->|Two| E[\iPhone\] C -->|Three| F[Car]


sequenceDiagram accTitle: test the accTitle accDescr: Test a description participant Alice participant Bob participant John as John
Second Line autonumber 10 10 rect rgb(200, 220, 100) rect rgb(200, 255, 200) Alice ->> Bob: Hello Bob, how are you? Bob-->>John: How about you John? end Bob--x Alice: I am good thanks! Bob-x John: I am good thanks! Note right of John: John thinks a long
long time, so long
that the text does
not fit on a row. Bob-->Alice: Checking with John... Note over John:wrap: John looks like he's still thinking, so Bob prods him a bit. Bob-x John: Hey John - we're still waiting to know
how you're doing Note over John:nowrap: John's trying hard not to break his train of thought. Bob-x John:wrap: John! Are you still debating about how you're doing? How long does it take?? Note over John: After a few more moments, John
finally snaps out of it. end autonumber off alt either this Alice->>+John: Yes John-->>-Alice: OK else or this autonumber Alice->>John: No else or this will happen Alice->John: Maybe end autonumber 200 par this happens in parallel Alice -->> Bob: Parallel message 1 and Alice -->> John: Parallel message 2 end

List Types

Ordered List

  1. First item
  2. Second item
  3. Third item

Unordered List

  • List item
  • Another item
  • And another item

Nested list

  • Fruit
    • Apple
    • Orange
    • Banana
  • Dairy
    • Milk
    • Cheese

Other Elements — abbr, sub, sup, kbd, mark

GIF is a bitmap image format.


Xn + Yn = Zn

Press CTRL+ALT+Delete to end the session.

Most salamanders are nocturnal, and hunt for insects, worms, and other small creatures.


  1. The above quote is excerpted from Rob Pike’s talk during Gopherfest, November 18, 2015.